About Us

StreamAllOver.Com offers competitively priced Audio and Video hosting backed by the makers of Plesk, CentovaCast and MediaCP. Globally licensed in Canada by SOCAN.

StreamAllOver.Com acquired SoniXCast on June 1st, 2020. SoniXCast (established in 2006) was the largest broadcasting network in the world with over 163,000 concurrently active broadcast channels. But waning interest in internet broadcasting along with complications due to the Covid-19 pandemic forced SoniXCast to close its retail business in February 2020.

The popular BoomBox broadcasting software, which was the core of SoniXCast’s business, has been exclusively licensed to Sony International and as part of the licensing agreement, may no longer be offered to retail customers. Sony has announced no plans, as of yet, as to the future of the BoomBox platform.

Much of the BoomBox infrastructure (with the exception of the streams themselves) has been taken offline as part of the license agreement with Sony. We are currently converting BoomBox customers over to our new platform based upon MediaCP and CentovaCast as quickly as possible in order to minimize service interruption.

Licensing remains the same as before. We inherited all previous and future broadcast licensing agreements and will continue to offer the same broadcast protections pioneered by SoniXCast.

StreamAllOver.Com is a wholly owned subsidiary of WIBG Incorporated and over the next weeks and months we will announce further updates to our platform, services and management team. We still have work to do and thank all our customers for their patience and understanding.

Your StreamAllOver.Com Team

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